Paintball Guns & Markers

Paintball as a sport has been around since the first game was played in 1981, with the 'paintball marker' going back to the early 1960's. Originally called a ' marker' rather than a 'gun' because that was its intended purpose, to mark. Hard shelled balls with an oil based fill were used to mark trees for the Forestry service, and cattle for ranchers. After the first game was highlighted in Sports Illustrated magazine, and gained national attention, there was no stoping the growth of the sport. Paintball has evolved drastically in its relatively short time as a sport. From starting in the woods with a single company- National Survival Games- producing gear to many producers of paintball gear with tons of choices in how you play paintball. Whether you want to play in the woods like the old days, something more fast paced like airball, more realistic with magfed, or slower paced using pump guns there is something for you. 


With many different styles of paintball guns and many different price points it can be hard to narrow down what you are looking for. Below is a base line to get you started looking for the right gear. 


Beginner Level: These are typically guns and markers selling for $249 or less. These are great for the casual player, or to get you started to see if you enjoy the sport. 

Mid Level: These are typically guns and markers selling for between $250 and $799. These are great for the avid 'casual' play and the budding tournament player. 

High End: These are typically guns and markers selling for $799 and up. these are great for those that simply demand the best of the best, and those that want to/ do play tournaments.