BASE Paintball Pod Pack 3 + 4 - Black

Sale price$44.99


BASE LH LOADOUT HARNESS light and tight High performance components combined with essential harness features. Perfect balance of comfort, fit, weight and stability. Smooth pod transitions using large durable straps and elastic pod ejectors. Comfortable Fit Adjustable lightweight breathable elastic body strap. Slim no slip lumbar support pad for added structure and flexibility. Ejection System Friction reduced lined pod sleeves, elastic pod ejection bands and rubber grip pull tabs for quick and easy pod transitions. One Size Fits All Body wrap made up of two sturdy support bands and two flexible straps. Self­tailored slim and thin fit for all. Features Durable nylon construction Lined pod sleeves (3 or 4) Additional elastic pod sleeves (4 or 5) Holds up to 9 pods Large rubber pull tabs Industrial velcro Elastic pod ejectors

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