DLX Luxe TM40 - Dust Purple / Gloss Red

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The core of the Luxe® TM40 represents the next evolutionary step in the divorced spool design concept. By refining flow paths, increasing overall volume, and leveraging advanced machining techniques the Luxe® TM40 bolt system is in a class of its own. -PERFORMANCE- Building on the World Cup winning success of the Luxe®X core, the latest Luxe® bolt system delivers greater efficiency, lower operating pressure, less recoil, and a softer sound signature. This is accomplished by optimizing flow as well as terminal air delivery, accentuating the performance of previous-generation cores. 1800 shots from a 77ci/4500 psi air tank* 110 psi at 300fps* In every quantifiable way, the core of the Luxe® TM40 is improved. *results achieved with proper paint to barrel match utilizing the Freak® barrel system. -SHOT FEEL- The shot feel of the Luxe® TM40 core has been dialed in through extensive testing in the hands of our sports top players. This includes more than eight weeks of hands on evaluation and feedback by two time World Cup winner – Ryan Moorhead, of Houston Heat. The focus was placed on delivering a crisp confidence-inspiring shot, combine with absolute minimum recoil. Regardless of firing mode, cycle rate, or environmental conditions – the Luxe® TM40 provides a rewarding visceral experience to back up its incredible quantifiable performance. -MECHANICALLY OPTIMIZED- The Luxe® TM40 bolt system represents an expansion of the Luxe® platform’s capabilities, the first mechanical capable Luxe® brings the best paintball marker in tournament paintball to a new arena. -ICE PLATING- The Luxe® TM40 bolt system retains the incredible ICE-Coating technology, world-renowned for its high durability and self-lubricating properties. The ICE Friction System ensures that all moving components operate with minimal friction and very little maintenance. The extreme hardness of the ICE coating prevents scratches and damage from debris.

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