GI Sportz Sealth Paintball Gun - Black w/ Red

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This Product is brought to you by G.I. SPORTZ in collaboration with PLANET ECLIPSE and EXALT Paintball. Our aim is to provide Pro Players with the highest level of excellence in performance paintball in a complete package. Introducing the new Stealth® High Performance Marker powered by Planet Eclipse’s Gamma Core Drivetrain equipped with G.I.’s exclusive styling and Driver XX™ Barrel System Technology packaged in Exalt’s All-Weather Protective Carbon Series Marker Case. MORE INFORMATION TOTAL PACKAGE FEATURES • High performance paintball marker • Exalt protective marker case • Driver XX™ Barrel System • Eclipse Lubricant • Marker spares kit • Eclipse Hex Key Kit • G.I. Barrel Blocker Bag • Packaging Sleeve • Owner’s manual MARKER FEATURES • Quick release bolt mechanism • Spool Valve operation • Gamma core drivetrain • 135PSI Operating pressure • ST1 bolt • Micro switch trigger activation • 3-point adustable trigger • Break beam breech sensor system • Deftek offset feed • Oled compatibale board • Composite frame, feedtube, breech sensor covers, oops knob • SL4 inline regulator • POPs ASA BARREL FEATURES • Outstanding barrel performance • Two piece barrel with 3 Empire Pipe Backs with ID .684, .688 & .692 • 7.5” Control bore and spiral porting for excellent ball on ball accuracy • Cross compatible with Pipe barrel backs. Mix and Match sizes • 14-inch overall length PROTECTIVE CASE FEATURES • Padded, water resistant exterior prevents incidental damage to your marker in storage. • Microfiber interior absorbs any residual moisture and prevents scratches. • Fold-flat construction allows use of bag as a work surface to keep oil and paint.

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