Planet Eclipse ZeroG Pod Pack by HK Army 4+3+4 - Spectre

Sale price$74.95


It's here! Planet Eclipse and HK Army have collaborated to bring you a sweet looking range of Zero-G packs that perform just as awesome as they look. The Zero-G strapless pack incorporates HK's adjustable pod tightening system called Tension Control. Located behind the anti-slip, lumbar support back-padding, the Tension Control system allows the user to freely adjust the Tension of the inner-elastic of the pod holster. The Zero-G will hold firm and protect any size pod on the market. The strapless system allows you to insert and release pods with ease. The pack is durable, lightweight and incorporates compressed foam pod holsters, built-in hip pad protection, dual adjustable elastic waistbands (to fit most waist sizes), anti-slip lumbar support back-padding, and a clean TPR finish on the exterior. Features Tension Control adjustable pod-tightening system Strapless 'Zero-G' design Multiple pack configurations Lightweight Durable Dual-elastic waistbands Anti-slip lumbar support back padding Composition 100% Polyester construction Silicon rubber design features Care Instructions WARNING! Secure loose hook and loop (velcro) prior to washing as this can cause excessive damage to your product during the wash cycle. Paint can stain. Wash garment immediately after use. Wash Separately Hand Wash Only Do Not Iron Do Not Bleach Do Not Tumble Dry

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