Shocker Paintball AMP Paintball Gun - Blue/ Black

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AMP’D UP PERFORMANCE – MORE SHOTS, LESS PRESSURE. The Shocker® AMP core is all new and redesigned with fantastic efficiency, unparalleled reliability, and the lowest operating pressure ever offered in a Shocker® marker. PRECISION MACHINED Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum and then anodized with Type III anodizing – harder than normal anodizing this helps the bolt system resist scratches from dirt and debris, while insuring smooth operation. LOW RECIPROCATING MASS Incredibly lightweight moving bolt component keeps reciprocating mass at a minimum – felt recoil is absolutely minimized. By utilizing a longer bolt (nose to tail) the force created by the bolt moving inside the body is evenly distributed between the grip frame and regulator giving a linear feel to the shot, and limiting barrel rise during a stream. HIGH PERFORMANCE SEALS High performance seals throughout the bolt system provide long life and ease of maintenance. Seals chosen for their individual wear, friction, and expansion properties are specifically chosen for each application within the system to maximize all weather performance.When kept clean and lubricated Shocker® bolt systems are capable of multiple seasons of use without needing to be replaced. SKILLFULLY ENGINEERED Thoughtful design of the bolt tip prevents clipping when used with high force loaders. The bolts rounded edge, and forward o-ring guide the paintball stack carefully out of the way when chambering and firing the paintball in the breach. The open face bolt design physically contacts the ball at its strongest point – its edge – thus distributing any physical force across the greatest surface area of the ball. Designed to maximize the effectiveness of the Shocker® lever style ball detents – the bolt face works with the detents to minimize roll back (paint moving in the breach due to small or oddly shaped paintballs). LOW PRESSURE OPERATION Low operating pressure and low physical inertia reduce impact on the ball when moving the ball into position and firing. Low pressure air delivery minimizes physical deformation of the ball when accelerating the ball to velocity minimizing breaks. Even small and brittle tournament grade paint can be easily utilized with the Shocker®’s bolt core. TRIGGER BASED PROGRAMMING Intuitive trigger based programming makes it easy to make changes to firing mode, rate of fire and even dwell with just a button click and a few trigger inputs. If you make a mistake, or forget the stock setting – a factory reset takes just 5 seconds. USB-C SOFTWARE UPDATES USB-C connection makes software updates a snap with any USB-C data cable and a Windows PC. SP works alongside leagues all over the world to make sure that the Shocker® always has the capability to adhere to any mode of fire or rate of fire limits put in place by major leagues. Shocker®s software update system also allows players to change the language displayed on the screen with just a quick update. LIGHT YET DURABLE MICROSWITCH The onboard microswitch of the Shocker® electronic system is light and snappy – offering excellent response and useful life. Securement to the control board is beefed up with the incorporation of two torx head screws that go completely through the main board and secure the switch. 9 VOLT POWER Powered by a 9-volt battery the Shocker® is never short on power, quality alkaline batteries can be found around the world, and swapping a battery is as simple as opening the grips. New tension style battery retainers making swapping the battery in your Shocker® AMP easier than ever before. WATER RESISTANCE Water-resistant coating is applied to all of the electronic boards in the Shocker® and helps keep the marker laying paint, even in the rain. The AMP® grip increases water and debris resistance with a weather tough seal around the entire grip panel. PHOTOELECTRIC EYE SYSTEM Break beam eyes in the breach virtually eliminate chopped paintballs, and can quickly reset after an obstruction to keep the game moving. Designed for competition use and utilizing high frequency light to function even when partially obscured by debris or paint residue. The Shocker® AMP features a dual board system that completely elminates the chance for pinched wires and delivers the ultimate in reliablity with corrosion free contacts and connectors. The main board powers and controls the marker, while a secondary PCB board is mounted in the body and routes the eye and solenoid connections away from dangerous pinch points. All bolt components are hard anodized from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and precision fit with urethane dynamic o-rings. A simple twist lock latching system makes removal and maintenance a trouble-free and tool-free experience.

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