When we first started in the paintball business brick and mortar stores and pro shops were the cornerstones of every paintball community. Twenty years ago, there were no online mega stores and quite frankly we loved the face to face interactions that help get the customer exactly what they need over sitting in front of the computer. Times started to change, and we were just a bit too stubborn to implement a new site early on. We focused on our store, and have one of the largest showrooms in southern California, and probably the largest solely paintball store- with no airsoft or other 'hobby' items clogging our shelves. Now it is time to continue to expand, and that means online as well, but that doesn't mean that we are going to neglect our retail location. Over the next few weeks we are working to get more organized, and allow us to put more product up. If you see an empty shelf it is not because we are out of items, we are simply in the process of rearranging to better serve you, the customer. So please bear with us as we work in the coming weeks to add more and more categories to the site, and reorganize our store. 

Thanks for stopping by