Beginning in 1992, after establishing its reputation with the Hammer series pump action marker, Spyder continued to completely change the scope of the sport of paintball with its now legendary semi-automatic series. Since then, Spyder has been known for its reliable and affordable paintball markers and dedication to promoting the sport of paintball. Spyder® continues to work closely with the most highly skilled engineers to create paintball products with innovative features including the Eko™ Valve system which offers the most extreme air efficiency available on the paintball market, “DLS” Dual Loading System enabling you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel and First Strike™ paintball equipped option for advanced accuracy and long range.

Spyder paintball offers two product lines, Classic Series and MR Series, both designed and developed with distinct characteristics to fit your style of play.  The Spyder Classic Series paintball markers feature the latest technologies available allowing the aspiring tournament player to dominate the speedball fields and the MR Seriesoffers reliability and durability demanded by every tactical and scenario player.