Carbon - Protective Gear - CC Knee Pads - Medium

Sale price$59.95


Lightweight non-slip compression knee pad featuring dual layer protection where it matters. The CC Knee Pad's low profile is similar to that of a knee brace with no material behind the user's knee to elevate tension and grant players full range of motion. Design features 2 layer impact foam, adjustable tension strap and no extra fabric behind the knee for optimal protection, support and comfort. + 3mm Dual Layer Impact Foam + Adjustable Velcro Tension Strap + Interior Knee Donut Alignment + Low Profile Fit + Knee Brace Support Design + Sold in pair (left and right) !IMPORTANT! CC Kneed pad is a tight fitting garment made for prolonged use to extreme environments such as turf. CC knee acts as brace and sizing should be tight for proper fit. !WARNING! Technical Garment: Machine wash with cold water. Water temperature should not exceed 30° C. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry. Do not iron.

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