EMF 100 Complete Sniper Build Out - Black

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EMEK EMF100 KEY FEATURES MAGFED AND LOADER FED CONFIGURATIONS SPOOL VALVE OPERATION GAMMA CORE DRIVETRAIN COMPATIBLE WITH THE REVOLUTIONARY CF20 MAGAZINE COMPATIBLE WITH DYE DTM MAGAZINES COMPATIBLE WITH FIRST STRIKE AND ROUND BALL PROJECTILES CUSTOM MECHANICAL 3-WAY VALVE GLASS REINFORCED NYLON OUTER COMPOSITION SINGLE FINGER HINGE FRAME 135PSI OPERATING PRESSURE SOFT-TOUCH BOLT WITH 3-STAGE BOLT ACCELERATION VALVE CHAMBER SHUT-OFF AND BREECH SENSING DRIVETRAIN ADJUSTABLE LEVER OPERATED PAL COMPATIBLE CLAMPING FEEDTUBE DEFTEK OFFSET FEED INTEGRATED SL4 INLINE REGULATOR EXTERNAL VELOCITY ADJUSTMENT 14.5" 2-PIECE BARREL - COCKER THREADS POPS ASA DUAL DENSITY TOOLLESS CLAMSHELL GRIPS HOSELESS AIR TRANSFER SYSTEM ECLIPSE MAG FOLLOWER AND SPRING UPGRADE KIT INCLUDED COMPATIBLE WITH ECLIPSE PWR STOCK (SOLD SEPARATELY) COMPATIBLE WITH MOE™ RAIL PANELS (SOLD SEPARATELY) COMPATIBLE WITH TIPPMANN 98™ STYLE BUFFER TUBES FEATURES TOUGH LIGHT GRN CONSTRUCTION LEVER OPERATED ADJUSTMENT ARM EXTENDS QUICKLY TO 11 LOCK-IN POINTS POSITIVE SHOULDER GRIP REDUCES SLIPPAGE ACCEPTS HPA TANKS UP TO A MAX DIAMETER OF 51MM/2" COMPATIBILITY Designed for use with these models of markers/setups: ECLIPSE EMEK EMF100 EMEKS WITH EMC KIT INSTALLED ETHA 2 WITH EMC KIT INSTALLED COMPOSITION GLASS REINFORCED NYLON (GRN) The EMF100 provides a flexible compatibility platform so the player can create multiple configurations. Run with full hand guard for the full AR effect. Or remove the hand guard and run a CQB look. Playing a big game and want to be a heavy gunner? Drop out the mags, fit the PAL Loader System compatible feedtube, clip in the dummy mag and run a PAL Loader, or any other loader of your choice. It's all about flexibility and personal preference with the EMF100. DESCRIPTION CUSTOMER REVIEWS SHIPPING + RETURN The new must have air system for all magfed and pump paintball players is here. The First Strike™ Hero2 Half Pint is 15 Cubic Inches and has a working pressure of 4500psi, which allows for more shots from a smaller size bottle. This air system is compatible with all common 13ci Air in Stocks available on the market today. Shot count isn’t the only great thing about this air system, lighten your loadout by over 3 ounces when switching from its aluminum 13cu 3000psi counterpart. FIRST STRIKE HERO 2 15/1500 Features: 15cu Carbon Fiber Bottle 13.2 Ounces with Hero2 Regulator UN/ISO/TRI Label Re-Hydro every 5 years 2 Inch Diameter 10 1/4" Overall Length G36 SIGHT RAIL: This is one of the best sight rail for most paintball gun. This sight rail mounts directly on most paintball gun without any modifications. It is all metal with mil-specs weaver rail and easy to install. You can mount anything you want on it, such as, sight, scopes; also functions as a carry handle. Universally fit on any paintball gun with railing on the top. Rail Dimension in mm and gram: Height (effective rise): 38 Length End to End: 304 Length Front Base: 127 Length Gap: 142 Length Rear Base: 44 Weight.: 248

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