Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader with Rip Drive and Toolless Battery Door - Grey

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The Empire Halo Too is the best performing paintball loader for the money. With a cost that is less than half the price of some top paintball loaders, the outstanding performance of this paintball loader will make this an easy choice for most players. The ultra-quiet belt drive will force-feed 20+ balls-per-second, allowing your marker to throw plenty of paint at your opponent. The Freeway™ Anti-Jam keeps the paintball loader from jamming and breaking paintballs, so you’ll still be shooting while others are busy scraping paint. The new, matte black polycarbonate shell can withstand any hit and can easily fit 180 paintballs. The on-board computer directs the sound-activated feeding and allows you to program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity and Feed Stack monitoring. But of course, with a name like Halo, you knew you’d be getting the ultimate in paintball loader technology. Put this loader on your marker and Empire will make a believer out of you Too. The pre-installed Rip-Drive kit makes it easy to load paint in the case of dead batteries, and in the unlikely event of a jam, clear it with a simple turn of the sprocket. The redesigned battery door makes replacing batteries toolles.

Features: 20+ bps Ultra quiet belt drive Freeway Anti-Jam for continuous ball feed Sound activated feeding 180 ball capacity Low battery indicator 1-hour auto Shut-Off Matte black color Rip drive Kit Toolless battery change

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