First Strike T15 MagFed Paintball Gun - Black

Sale price$599.99


The revolutionary T15 magazine fed paintball marker is the first of its kind offering a true .68 caliber 1 to 1 AR platform. The T15 features a rugged lightweight cast aluminum body that will withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimum maneuverability. Customize Personalize your T15 to your style of play – the First Strike T15 accepts multiple “real steel” parts so you can adjust your game play, allowing for more modifications, and increasing functionality. DUAL FEED SYSTEM Players can choose to use our patented magazines or a standard hopper. The dual feed allows players to quickly switch between “hopper mode” and “magazine mode” during play for optimum versatility. 1. A Standard Hopper 2. Magazine And Standard Hopper FEATURES/SPECS Functional Charging Handle 19/20 Continuous Feed First Strike Magazines Magazine and Hopper Feed Removable Fixed Sights 13ci 3000psi Aluminum Tank Tool Kit & Spare Parts

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