Gel Strike Gel Blaster - Apex - Mini AK - Blue

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The GelStrike Rapid Blasters shoot non-toxic, biodegradable Gel Balls at targets and explode on impact. The exploding Gel Balls begin to dissolve into dust after being shot and help give peace of mind of not having to worry about any sort of clean up. The Rapid Blasters are available in two styles and two colors so each team can claim their favorite color or style. You will no longer need to worry about having to track down foam darts which constantly need to be reloaded since these blasters hold 500+ Gel Balls in the hopper. DETAILS Shoots Fully Automatic Strike Trigger For Fast Action Firing Power On/Off Switch Rechargeable Battery Pack W/ USB Cord - Included (4-5 Hours of Playing Time) Firing Range of 100+ Feet WHAT'S INCLUDED Safety Goggles (Must Always Be Worn When Shooting Rapid Blaster) 2 x Hoppers W/ Feednecks That Hold 500+ Rounds 1 x Pack of Orange Gel Balls (2,500 Rounds) USB Charger Rechargeable Battery USB CHARGING UP TO 5 HOURS OF PLAY Each Rapid Blaster comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that controls the fully automatic firing system which gives you up to 4-5 hours of continuous playing time. The battery can be recharged with the USB charging cable which comes included. BIODEGRADABLE GEL BALLS GROW YOUR AMMO Gel Balls can be grown to full size (7mm-8mm) in 3-4 hours after being hydrated in water. Always make sure that the Gel Balls are grown to full size before using them in the Rapid Blasters. If the Gel Balls are not grown to full size this may cause the Rapid Blaster to not properly function. It's recommended to let the balls soak in a 1 gallon bucket of water while hydrating a 5,000 round packet.

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