Grim Trigger - CS - Gold

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Introducing the HK Army Death Blade Paintball Triggers, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Planet Eclipse CS2 and CS3 Trigger Assembly. Engineered for maximum efficiency and performance, the Death Blade triggers offer enhanced surface area and optimized trigger faces, catering to both dual-finger and single-finger shooting techniques during critical moments like shooting off the break and reloading. Experience precision control and improved response times with these advanced triggers, maintaining all the adjustability features provided by the stock Trigger Assembly.

Key Features

Seamless Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit perfectly with the Planet Eclipse CS2 and CS3 Trigger Assembly, ensuring a hassle-free installation process and a seamless integration with your marker. The trigger can be easily installed in under a minute.

Machined Aluminum: Crafted from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that offers durability without added weight. The skeletonized design helps reduce the overall weight while adding to the aggressive look of the trigger.

Optimized Trigger Face: The Death Blade triggers feature an optimized trigger face with slightly increased surface area, providing improved ergonomics and control for both dual-finger and single-finger shooting styles.

Dual Finger and Single Finger Efficiency: Whether you prefer using two fingers or one finger to operate the trigger, the Death Blade triggers are engineered to enhance efficiency and responsiveness, giving you a competitive edge.

Adjustability: Retain full control over your trigger sensitivity and pull with the Death Blade triggers, maintaining all levels of adjustability provided by the stock Trigger Assembly of the Planet Eclipse markers.

Rake Adjustment: Fine-tune your trigger initiation points between trigger fingers using the Rake Adjustment feature on the Trigger Assembly, allowing for precise customization to match your unique shooting style.


  • Fits the Planet Eclipse CS3 and CS2 markers
  • Machined aircraft grade aluminum
  • Skeletonized machined holes for stylizing and weight reduction
  • Lightweight design with improved responsiveness.
  • Designed for easy rake angle adjustments
  • Quick and easy install. Can be installed in under a minute
  • Dual finger trigger design

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