HK Army Magtek Pack Harness 4+3 Black Red

Sale price$94.95


The HK Army Magtek paintball harness is the most advanced magnetic harness on the market. Featuring superior Magnetic Straps which outlast standard velcro straps. Delivering cutting-edge technology, the Magtek Harness is in a class of its own. Details: Magnetic Holsters (4 magnets per holster) Anatomically coherent back padding that flexes with your body motions for long lasting comfort Stealth ejector system that conceals itself inside the padded holsters once the pod is removed Padded holsters Fist of its kind belt system which weaves through itself to create a secure fit around the waist and reduce harness bounce Reinforced elastic loops and waistband Anti-Slip Lumbar Support 4-way Elastic "Eject" Pod Caps

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