Shocker Era - Red

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Introducing the Shocker ERA Paintball Marker - A Revolution in Paintball Innovation

Prepare to witness a new era in paintball excellence with the Shocker ERA. Born from the invaluable feedback and insights of passionate players, this masterpiece marks a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the AMP. Crafted by the experts at Shocker Paintball, the Shocker ERA is not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer destined for greatness.

The Shocker ERA boasts a redesigned bolt assembly that takes efficiency and ball breakage reduction to the next level. Core enhancements prioritize enhanced airflow, ensuring consistent velocity and pressure even during rapid firing, resulting in unmatched accuracy and tighter shot groupings. Timing adjustments minimize initial ball impact and prevent surface damage, making it adaptable to various paint qualities.

Elevating the user experience, the ERA features improved ergonomics, including a revamped front grip and regulator, reduced weight above the trigger frame, and upgraded grip surfaces for comfort and effortless maintenance. The double trigger system safeguards against micro-switch damage, ensuring longevity. Redesigned air passageways eliminate leaks, while a repositioned control board adds extra protection against trigger switch damage.

Taking it a step further, the Shocker ERA comes equipped with the FREAK XL barrel system, complete with a 15" All American ported barrel tip for enhanced sound signature and insert compatibility. These upgrades build upon the Shocker's legacy of delivering exceptional value, unmatched efficiency, and unwavering reliability, all complemented by the versatile FREAK barrel system.

Experience the dawn of a new era in paintball excellence with the Shocker ERA Paintball gun.

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